Sunday, April 5, 2009

To Loreto

January 5th and 6th

A short ride out from Mulege, road again meets water as we ride along Conception Bay. Storm clouds lend an angry grey to seas that remain calm for now as they patrol small uninhabited islands.

Whilst distant Pelicans dive bomb unsuspecting schools of lunch….

Around the corner, more fish make an early lunch as villages of free camping RV’s enjoy the catch of the day on Escondido Beach.

One thing that is becoming curious about Mexico is a seeming unwillingness to take up obvious business opportunities. Here are pristine beaches, situated on gorgeous bays between pretty mission towns with a constant flow of tourism heading between Tijuana and Los Cabos at the southern tip of the Baja. Where are the restaurants? The bars? Why are the people offering diving and Kayak tours all American and not Mexican? Three RV camps just outside Mulege are all American owned and run, and I’m not sure why you can still camp here for free. Strange, but don’t get me wrong. These are just idle musings and not complaints. The lack of these things is a welcome and refreshing change to the norm and definitely part of the reason we are here…..

This is where we take lunch, no restaurants in sight - nice…

Am I hallucinating, or is that a giant bunny rabbit etched on the hillside???

We leave the Sea once more and begin to enter the “Sierra de La Giganta”, a range that heads down the coast for the next 100 miles. Hmmm that means Gigantic Mountains. Sounds like a lot of fun. After climbing a few hundred metres, we learn there are some flat bits though. Great big flat bits stretching for miles and scenic miles before the next, distant range of hills….

But we’re back in desert country. And that means cactus. Which means spiky things. Which means holes in wheels. Which means more of this…

At camp and take turns to repair tubes.

Then a rush and a drop and another sea view as we make it to the next stop - Loreto…


Russ said...

Hey Martin,

Cool blog. Nice meeting you in Playa Nexpa. My surfing instructor ditched me on the second day, and I had rented a board and stayed over and everything! So I'm in search of a more reliable class, maybe in Puerto Escondido. In Acapulco today. Ugh. One day too many.

My website is Not much there now, but hopefully I'll post some stuff soon.

Have fun,

Sween in SAmerica said...

Hey Russ. Wow shame about the surf class - looked like a nice place to learn as well. Just got to Acapulco myself and I know what you mean. The driving coming into town was definitely an experience...

I'll take a look at your site and keep travelling