Friday, April 3, 2009


January 4th

Leaving pretty Santa Rosalia behind, we ride back inland following a narrow strip between the Sierra Agua Verde (Green Water Mountains) and the Sea of Cortez. It‘s a return to scrub grass, cactus and distant blue mountains - big terrain….

And a short 65kms ride to Mulege, complete with plasticky, medieval gateway, entrance, eyesore thingy….

Bit of a far cry from how they used to build round here….

Mulege is a small town with a mission outpost dating from 1705 when the Christians arrived to convert the heathens, mainly by infecting them with Western style diseases.

Built around a palm and mangrove lined oasis, the Santa Rosalia de Mulege was completed in 1766 and proved to be ruthlessly efficient, being abandoned 62 years later in 1828, largely due to the rapidly dwindling population.

Stunning views though…

Now it’s a place where you can dive in the clear blue waters of the Sea of Cortez around offshore islands and kayak along the river. Most operators seem to be US ex-pats charging in dollars and their prices, whilst reasonable for American’s driving across the border, they are still a bit strong for us, so we’ll wait until we can find local operators in cheaper towns further south….

RV parks on the outskirts of the town are similarly US based and so is much of the cliental. You can always tell the American operations, they’re the ones that advertise, use signs to allow you to find them, and have high standard facilities, like laundromats, hot showers and swimming pools. This is luxury camping US style and a pleasant change after rough desert camps….


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