Monday, April 20, 2009

To Creel

January 29th

We leave Areponapuchi village, heading for Creel the only town proper along the train route. It’s the main stopover point for passengers to disembark and organise trips into the canyon.

We however can take in the views as we travel. One major advantage of the bike over the train is the ability to stop as we go. El Divisadero is the only other point along the train route (apart from Areponapuchi) where you get a view down into the canyon. The train stops here for just 15 minutes - hardly enough time to take it all in. Or you can stay overnight in the village’s only hotel, a luxury affair built into the cliff face and charging 200 US dollars a night. Neither would be good options for us.

This is what you would miss….

Raramuri Indians weaving baskets, rugs and other handicrafts…

The road also takes you past the viewpoint to the Otoro River - one of the canyons not mentioned on the train tour. Consequently we are completely alone to enjoy incredible vistas down to the river over 1000m below….

I guess the train is just a tad easier though. The road is a never ending series of steep undulations. I rue the fact I spent so much money on gears for the bike; only 2 are required - top for downhill and grinding bottom gear to climb back up…


We arrive in Creel late as the light fades from the day and quickly uncover a bargain. We get a huge log cabin for 12 quid (18 dollars) a night and before we can unpack Senor and Senora Peres (our hosts) have brought us steaming cups of milky coffee and built and lit the fire for us. How cosy, and very welcome - it’s minus a couple outside…