Wednesday, April 1, 2009

San Ignatio

January 2nd

Then suddenly in the middle of the Desierto de Vizcaino we find ourselves in another oasis. Brown to green, barren to verdant, scrub to lush. This is San Ignacio and yet again we experience the slow speed shock of cycling a transition as we follow date palms lining the route in to town.

To a stunning lake backed by the ominously brooding, if bizarrely named "Volcano of The Three Virgins"

Almost as shocking after the nothing puebolitos and dusty strip sprawl of Guerrero Negro is the beautiful central plaza and impressive mission building. All this the centre piece for a town of less than 1,000 people.

Begun by Jesuits and completed by Dominicans in 1786 it's an unexpected spectacle...

Tucked behind the mission building is a museum detailing the natural history of the area including images of cave painting taken nearby in the Sierra San Fransisco now a UNESCO world heritage site. 3 day tours are offered by mule (as in a slow, uncooperative and uncomfortable horses) to see the caves. We pass and content ourselves with a copy of their photo...

After a leisurely lunch in the square we ride out and begin the gentle climb towards the next mountain range, the Sierra de Santa Lucia....

Find an exclusive camp spot with front row seats....

And watch the light show as the volcano blazes in the sunset...


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