Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To the City of Constitucion

January 8th and 9th

A few miles after leaving Loreto you hit Nopolo, and that same nagging Baja question raises itself again. How come it is the American’s that are building resort town’s like this - and not the Mexicans. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve nothing against what the American’s are doing - you really can’t argue that the guy paragliding against azure skies over perfectly manicured golf courses set against blue sea and picture postcard mountains is NOT having a great time. It’s just - why aren’t the Mexican’s providing all this? And keeping the money for themselves. Odd!

However, we are cycle tourists, and these are questions for people other than ourselves to puzzle over….

The ride out of Loreto is truly memorable. The Sierra de la Giganta, and the deep blue Sea of Cortez combine to create one of natures more inspired displays. How many photos can I put in a single blog…

Sue climbs towards layer upon layer of ever more distant blue mountains.

Before descending back to sea level whereupon we finally find a Mexican who wants to do business with us, and out of a sense of profound and selfless duty, we find it in our hearts to stop and support him in his efforts….

Life is sometimes tough, but what can you do. Sue says - fish tacos and a cold one please….

All just fuel for what’s to come really. The Sierra de la Giganta start to live up to their name and get seriously gigantic and there’s no more flat bits for the road to take along the coast. We dog leg 90 degrees as the road is forced inland. And upwards….

All so we can see the Islands Coronados and El Carmen better….

And then up a lot more; round some twisty bits….

You can just make out the Sea in the background, before we move off and cross the spine of the mountain range.

We camp under cactus once more and watch Venus rise….

In stark contrast, the next day’s ride in to the city of Constitucion is along a flat, featureless valley. The road arrows unswervingly towards a distant vanishing point….


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Great outdoors and beautiful pictures!!

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