Tuesday, April 7, 2009


January 7th

Love Loreto!

In a tranquil; nice place to visit; would get seriously bored if I lived here kind of way… but it is lovely.

Considered to be the home of the oldest settlements on the Baja, and founded as a town in 1697 when the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto was built…

Today it’s a town of around 10,000 very relaxed souls who spend much of their time when not fishing, eating the freshest of fresh fish, strolling along 2 miles of Malacon - the beautiful waterfront boulevard, or playing beach volley ball….

Other than that it’s over to people watching in beautiful tree lined avenues and squares….

The Malacon meanders leisurely past the small fishing fleet which draws a squadron of opportunistic gulls behind….

It’s a short drop off spot for small cruise boats where tourists can visit an interesting little museum chronicling the advance and subsequent retreat of missionary zeal throughout the peninsular….

Otherwise it seems to be a place for Pelicans to fatten up….

And watch golden sunsets….

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