Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thursday 15th

Now I´m wet. It rained all night. I kept waking up to check. Positive note - the tent is brill and water bothers me not.

Until I pack up. Now it´s bothering me. There´s just rather a lot of it.

This is the famous 7 lakes area of Argentina. Before the trip I spoke to another cyclist, Welsh Rob who picked Lago Falkner out as a highlight of his whole trip. This is Lago Falkner....


In Torres Del Paine I saw dawn on the towers (remember the photos) with Jeff who said "Yeah, good, but Lanin is better". A bold statement thought I and dreamed of Lanin. This is Lanin....

See the mountains.... me neither... Disappointed.

This is today´s gorgeous lake shot... Beautiful Lago Hermoso (which means beautiful in Spanish cos this lake is so beautiful)

Lakes are better in blue, not grey and I´m still disappointed, despite the driver flying backwards from the high speed car in the sign - look again ;-)

Normally 15km descents into town are what cyclists dreams are made of. After climbing to over 1500m this is how you enter San Martin de Los Andes. Today I am disappointed. It´s windy, raining, freezing cold and the last thing I need now is a high speed blast downhill to freeze me to death.

I enter town in a mess and make for the first hostel through overflowing storm drains 4 inches deep in water. The owner doesn´t even ask me if I´m staying - she just shows me to a hot shower and says to come and talk to her about the room when I can speak properly - lips are blue. I slowly thaw out, and return to take the room - it would be rude not to.

Damn now I need to return to Argentina for another trip. You can´t go to 7 lakes and remain disappointed. It´s just too damn Hermoso. Damn weather....


Anonymous said...

Hi you 3 crazy bikers!!
We hope you´ve survived the pass to Mendoza in snow...the tunnel was closed again, wasn´t it?¿!
BUt enjoy , enjoy and enjoy! Looking forward to a lot more new photos and anecdotes!!!
Take care Braulio, Martin & Michael, it has been pure fun waving you off in Santiago!
Abrazos y besos de Jose & Ulli

Sween in SAmerica said...

Ulli, Jose. Wow the pass was just a chapter in the story all by itself and I´ll get the blog updated over the next day or so. I´m so far behind with it now and you need to take some of the blame for that - just had a great time in Santiago with you and the rest of the crowd - Em and Em, Suzanna, Crazy Chris and everyone else back at the Atacama... Just about sobered up now after 4 days of madness. Santiago - I miss you!

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