Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crikey - we made it to Coyhaique

Sunday 20th

The day starts badly as we come across the remains of the last cyclist to stay at the estancia...

But rapidly improves as we see the storm has cleared up, the wind has dropped and it´s perfect blue skies AND tarmac roads. Hilly, but oh how the scenery is improving and we can´t wait to get to them there mountains in the distance.

For the first day of the trip we make some easy ground as it´s just perfect conditions and we ride in to Coyhaique - the last biggish town before we get out on to the Real Carretera Austral route. We kill 65kms in 3 and a half hours - that kind of distance would have taken 8 hours further south.

We need to stock up and reckon on carrying 9 days of food out of here. The town´s closed - it´s Sunday. So I guess we are staying here another day.

Now if only someone would invent something to keep track of the days down here.... maybe call it a calendar or something. I knew that missing day would haunt me...

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