Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Godbye Beautiful Carretera - and a Fork in the Road

Wednesday 30th

We leave our gorgeous lakefront villa and debate about crossing the border further North and heading on to Chalten to see more of the Carretera, but decide on the turn off to Futaleufu. We get to see more of the National Parks on the Argentine side this way and the valley is supposed to be amazing - a decision that proves momentous in a couple of days.

We get yet another great day and the ride is easier than expected as the pass proves to be lower than expected. Some of the day is even downhill and we have time to dawdle and gawp at the river valley. Futaleufu is famous for it´s river rafting and the blue green water boils and whirls it´s serpentine course down a narrow wooded gorge. How I wish I had packed a kayak in the panniers!

This is the cow that took fright at Michael´s passing and nearly took him out when it bolted. He eyes me up as a second chance.

Alternate transport?

And alternate photography. I have so many great shots from this day, mostly of mountains and the river, and I never thought I would say it, but there are enough already from Carretera.

Finding free accommodation is an ongoing challenge and we find a locked military hut with lovely flat ground for this night after rejecting the doorway of an abandoned building. Risky, but after checking, we figure it hasn´t been used in a few days. We camp just beyond Futaleufu with the border a couple of kms away. Tomorrow Argentina!

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