Friday, May 16, 2008


Saturday 10th

Been a tourist today. Bariloche is the type of town my mum would love. Well most mums would love it. No all WOMEN would love it. It´s home to craft fairs and chocolate artisans and is lovely twee. In 1902 San Carlos de Bariloche was a Swiss community, but the last two decades brought wealth from American and German investors. European details abound in the architecture around the central square.

There´s a nice cathedral, tree lines boulevards and of course gorgeous views over Nahuel Huapi lake. In winter the ski hoards hit town making it a year round upmarket resort.

I succumed to the lure of the "chocolate artisans" - just to see what the fuss was about you understand. How can you possibly have several department store sized shops selling "just" chocolate.

Now I´m hooked. It´s amazing. I revise my comments above - it´s a place my mum, all women and recently choc adicted men will love.