Saturday, May 3, 2008

Don´t worry mum - I am eating

Saturday 19th

Lost a day somewhere - calendars are sooooo complicated when you´re on tour. Days come and go with nothing so prosaic as names and dates - it´s all a bit of a blur and I love it. So different to work and "real" life.

So what I wrote yesterday really happened today... and what happened before that could have happened some other time as well. I just don´t know. Maybe I´m experiencing South American leap weeks - like the leap year with an extra day.

So I´ll just play some light music and fill in the gap with a really interesting list about my favourite subject.

4 egg omelette with cheese, onion, tomato
1 litre of porridge with nuts and fruit.
2 large bread rolls with peanut butter and banana
coffee - lots of coffee

Elevenses and twelvses and pretty much all the time.
Trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, seeds) eaten on the go from a handlebar bag

4 bread rolls with pate and cheese spread
half packet of crackers with pate and cheese spread

Half litre of noodle soup with potato.
Large pan of pasta with assorted vegetables.

Tent Snacks
Packet of biscuits.
Bread roll with peanut butter.
1 litre sugary tea.
Anything else I managed to sneak into the tent without Michael noticing - I just know he is doing the same....

Starting to rack up the calories now.....

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