Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Noose Tightens...

Tuesday 6th


We make ground by day, and are caught by night and we feel the cold grip tighten around our throats. Literally, this stuff is setting like cement in the throat and I ponder on the tree shaped casts forming in lungs never designed to be plaster of paris moulds.

The ash is worse today and passing lorries kick up a dust storm of acrid grit and powder as they loom out of the haze. My eyes sting, I breathe through a nose set solid, my bike makes worrying noises as I work dust into it´s delicate bits.

Head down we ride and the day fades in to a grey haze. After 30kms the road is paved and we ride harder. The mountains are beautiful - I think, maybe I will see them on my next trip...

We make good time - there are no stops today, and 20kms outside of El Bolson the clouds clear to reveal a pretty little town favoured by artisans and a hangout for hippies. Wrapped in steep sided mountains, a benevolent microclimate has evolved and orchards abound. Fruit is everywhere.... We find a hostel and set about scraping days of road dirt, grit and ash off ourselves.

So that´s what skin feels like when it´s not covered in glue...


Anonymous said...

Yay Martin!!!!

Spectacular insights. We are very inspired! Cycling soon...

M & M Y Ulli de Santiago


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