Friday, April 11, 2008

That´s Not a Glacier - THIS is a Glacier

Thursday 10th

Caught the 7am bus back to El Calafate to visit Perito Moreno Glacier. Glacier Grande yesterday has now been relagated to "ice cube" and is in fact rubbish.

This is a glacier.

Well half of one - it just laughs at attempts to photograph it by being too big.

This is the other half.

5km across, 60m high, advancing 2m a day, 180m below the lake water, 13000 square kilometers apparently. Difficult to envision - just BIG!!

And it makes some big noises when bits falls off it. There is no sense of scale as ice drops in slow motion forcing giant waves in the lake as new ice bergs are formed. Apparently 20 people have been killed by waves and rocks crashing down since 1968.
Or was it 32.
Since 1978.

Some people have died in the last few years cos this glacier is BIG!!


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