Friday, April 11, 2008


Tuesday 8th

Everyone is in El Chalten. I walked into a hostel and met 2 girls that stayed in Puerto Natales (Karaoke Claire and Michelle) so Tuesday was a rest day followed by another drinking night. The locals have a strange kind of chivalry here. One took a real fancy to Michelle and was asking my permission to talk to her (which really pi$$ed her off).
I just agreed to sell her to him - I still had Claire, and I think I would have got a good price.

Only kidding Sue (and Michelle!!).

Michael is a cyclist that I met in Ushuaia right at the start and we´ve been trying to meet up ever since after he got a bus out of there. He´s in Chalten as well, so at least I´m gonna have some company riding out of here, which will be a bit safer now the weather is turning.

I met another Spanish couple cycling into Punta Arenas about 3 weeks ago - they have been in Chalten for 5 days waiting for a friend - and the 3 of them may join us. Rumour is that 2 more Spanish riders are a day away, so I go from solo cycling to just another man in a peloton and it looks like I need to improve my Spanish rapidly!


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