Monday, April 21, 2008

Lazing about on boats

Thursday 17th

We have time to get another spectacular 2 hour breakfast - it´s good to stock up the old calorie count. After again getting 3 different prices for the boat - this time from the ticket office staff we find out the boat leaves today at 5:30 - even we can´t miss that.

The crossing is memorable as we finally move out of the Pampas and start to see some real terrain. The mountains loom large in the distance and the sunset is a fiery warning of what is to come.

A 2 hour crossing gets us in to Punta Ibañez by the light of the full moon. We find a free camp site, but are more ambitious than that. Buying provisions at the local supermarket, we enquire and get the offer free accomodation on the floor of a storage outhouse behind the supermarket.... shared with a family of stray cats.

How could we refuse such a luxury dwelling. Good sleep - big day tomorrow, the Carretara Austral and the start of the steeps....


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