Monday, April 21, 2008

Rabbits Sighted and Lost

Monday 14th

Those rabbits were no challenge.

We (Michael and I) put in a hard 65kms in to the winds to reach Perito Moreno. We worked pretty well as a team taking turns to take the wind for 10kms while the other one sits behind and "drafts", then you swap. This way you get a real rest before the next blast of wind.

Perito Moreno is the first "real" town I have reached, tourists are unheard of here; so we are full-on gringos and you get the boggle eyed stares from locals. We learn from the police at the start of town that the other 3 cyclists rode in only an hour before us.

We catch up with them at the supermarket (where else - all cyclists hit the food supplies as soon as possible) and learn they stopped after 35kms last night and then took 4 hours to do 30kms in the wind where we did all 65 in the same time. I assume they could not draft each other - Itcha cannot ride a straight line and there´s no way Charlie´s guitar would fit behind another cyclist!! It´s becoming clear that riding with them might be a no go. The border crossing is coming up and they want to ride North round Lake Buenos Aires, we want to go the South route - it´s windier and further, but the scenery is way better - and we get to ride a ferry... So we decide to part.


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