Saturday, March 8, 2008

Martial Glacier

Thursday 6th
Got a seriously nice day weather wise for a hike up to the Martial Glacier. Cycled (yeah actually used the bike!) the first 5km up a seriously steep hairpin road with the view over Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel just getting better as you ascend. There is a chair lift for wimps up the first half of the climb, but in total it´s about a 2 hour hike up to touch snow in March. I know that sounds like nothing, but this is Southern hemisphere March - the summer kind. The glacier itself is not that impressive, but the views of the bay and the mountains definitely is and well worth the effort.

Strange sight for the day - a cruise ship of Japenese tourists desposited all over the mountain in high heel boots (OK only the ladies), and white felt "Michael Jackson" gloves - men and women. Makes a nice contrast to Gore-Tex I suppose.

Kept up the "Todas del mundo" (rest of the world) end in a hard fought battle of table football with Hernan and Roberto the hostel owners over a couple of cold ones. Serious stuff over here complete with full on Gooooooaaaaaaallllll celebrations.

....And I´ve just fried the memory card from my camera. Bugger. Got a shock from a dodgy old PC and now no photos. Real pi$$er as I had some great shots of the mountains in the sun - that´s pretty rare as they are often obscured by cloud. So apologies pictorially challenged posts for the last couple of days.

Next travel tip - upload stuff to PicasaWeb regularly. Luckily only permantly lost 2 days of photos, otherwise seriously upset!


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