Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting to Puerto Natales

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales is 250km of windswept pampas and the scenery is pretty dull until you get within 40kms of Puerto Natales and start to see snow capped Andean peaks again - first viewing since a day out of Ushuaia.

A few pictures
Punta Arenas has a pretty amazing plaza (Muñoz Gamero) with a huge statue of Magellan - kiss the foot of the Ona statue for luck...

And another amazing cemetary (Cenetario Municipal) with family mausoleums. I´m sure I´m spending too much time with the dead....

Flamingoes!! Honest - check out the pink blur in the middle.

This guy wanted to share my tent at the roadside - I know I smell pretty bad, but to be mistaken for a fellow skunk.....

The road may be dull....

But the sunsets are really nice....

And so are the moon rises....

You get to meet the locals....

A llama parked outside of the first cafe/shop/business I saw in 160kms at Morro Chico. And they have a rock too...

Individual accomodation for the night....

Seriously this bus shelter/hotel room provided the luxury of not having to pitch the tent in 100kmh winds. Made to measure too - my head touching one side, my feet the other. But just to be out of the wind felt so good.

Speaking of wind see if you can guess which way it blows....

Saturday was the hardest day so far - 86kms to get to Puerto Natales in the most brutal winds yet. Some real strong gusts and vicious cross winds which have you see-sawing from side to side, on and off the road. Legs of jelly and a rest day whilst I plan some hiking in Torres Del Paine National Park will be the order of the day for Sunday


Erik said...

Hello, my name is Erik. I have recently created my own blog about MLS (Major League Soccer) in the USA. At least, I've changed it many times, but I think I want my blog to be about my visits to soccer stadiums.
I found your blog by chance, by clicking on the "next blog" link. I find your travels to be very interesting, as I hope to one day visit Argentina. I don't think I can cycle the distances you travel, but in some capacity I want to see Buenos Aires and Bariloche and points between. I want to see the Pampas region, and see some South American "cowboys." I've grown up in the middle part of my country where there is a lot of farmland and open spaces.
My blog address is, "Blackstad" being the town in Sweden where my grandfather was born.

Sween in SAmerica said...

Hi Erik
I´ll have a look at your blog as well.
The distances here can be daunting, but it all just depends on how much time you have and how much of the place you want to see - just take your time, it´s agreat way to travel. You definitely need to be prepared to camp rough though as there are no camp sites or hostels in a days cycle ride, so bear that in mind. And good equipment definitely helps. At some stage I´ll post an equipment list so you can see what I am using and what I think of it....

Thanks for the comment

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