Monday, March 31, 2008

Torres Del Paine 3

Thursday 27th
Marcin left early today - in a way I´m glad - he was a machine and was trying to kill me.

My excuse is that I´m nursing an ankle that I broke last year that flared up on the bike on the way to Puerto Natales. I just thought cycling and hiking are different so it wouldn´t affect me, but no, it´s large, red, painful and too slow to keep up with him. Not sure the enormous pack helped either, which was made entirely from lead with straps fashioned from barbed wire, where his was made from gossamer and velvet.

Or perhaps he´s really a machine....

Day 3 is a really nice hike along Lago Nordenskjold which is entirely lit from below by giant light bulbs.
Not really, but it is a really vivid creamy green from all the glacier melt water. The wind was up and sheets of lake wash over you as you lean in to it and make slow headway, watching ever changing rainbows. The route takes you from Valle Frances round to the Valle Ascencio and gives relly great views as you pass more closely to the horns. I really enjoyed this day, it´s just a beautiful hike.

Camp was at the bottom of Valle Ascensio and is set at the wrong end of a pair of binoculars, meaning you can see it in the distance for about an hour before you get there, but it never gets closer. Until you get there. Strange.


wendy & stephen said...

yes!!!!! we (susan) have cracked it & you should hsve a proper message the weekend. well maybe cos she goes back tomoro'

Sween in SAmerica said...

Nice to hear from you - easy this computer lark ;-)

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