Sunday, March 2, 2008

To Rio Gallegos

Thursday 27th
Arrived at the bus terminal in good time to get the bike boxed up and sent on ahead, then had a mild panic when my bus was 20 minutes late arriving. I just assumed I had heard the stand number wrong and the bus had already left. Must get used to South American timings.

This is the view from the side of the bus 1 hour later......

........And this is the view 36 hours later

The road is like a knife arrowing off to a distant horizon never changing in 1600 miles and you just go off in to some sort of twilight zone to pass the time.

Friday 28th
Finally arrived in Rio Gallegos to a familiar story.
No Bike again! It made it as far as Comodoro Rivadavia (about half way) and apparently it's too big to get any further until Monday. This is not great news as Rio Gallegos is not exactly bouncing. A bit like Grimsby with the fun removed. The main attraction - a museum explaining why the Falklands do in fact rightfully belong to Argentina is mercifully closed for renovation. Merciful as I'm not sure how welcome a Brit would be anyway. So I'm just kicking my heels here till the bike turns up when I can get an onward ticket to Ushuaia. Unfortunately these tend to be fully booked up for a couple of days and I don't want to book ahead in case the bike doesn't make it. Could be here a few days. Bugger....

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