Monday, June 23, 2008

The Road to Salta - Part 2

Saturday 7th

We set off early for Jachal as the road stretches before us.

Foolishly we forgot to take water from Victor and the church yesterday, perhaps due to excess wine and supplies are now low. We rely on tiny Talocasto, the next and ONLY town before Jachal to top up.

This is Talocasto....

An old railway station town that has long since been abandoned as Argetina´s British built system of lines slowly decayed. This is not good news as we have definitely left the cold of the South and temperatures soar.

Dani and Michael discuss the problem.

We have to make Jachal and post 145kms for the day to meet Padre Orlando at the church.

Victor in Rawson has done us proud and Padre Orlando presents us with 3 options.

1 - Sleep in the church, but be woken by kids Sunday school classes early the following morning - bad news.
2 - Be put up in a local hotel at the churches expense! Tempting, but perhaps not the best use of church funds and a difficult one to explain at confession.
3 - Sleep in the Padre´s part built private house with no electric or gas supplies. It´s got water though, so that will do us nicely!

We even get a local from his flock to drive us for supplies and he delivers church candles to create just the right atmosphere around the fireside...

I keep having to say this.... but I cannot thank the people of Argentina enough for their hospitality. Many thanks Padre Orlando


BrĂ¡ulio Bhava said...

amazing man! what a great night you must had had! the last photo is just incredible. just the reward you deserve after so tuff days you had.
you are cycling machines,
and the most compeling inspiration ever!


(sorry for the bad english :P)

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