Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Pass to Mendoza 4

Wednesday 28th

It snows some more in the night, but the day dawns crisp and beautiful, a winter wonderland. Braulio´s first experience of snow! The kid has never seen the white stuff before and is alight with energy. We have to get out of the canaña before someone kills him, so we climb back to the road block and the Carabanineros.

Yeah those guys have no sense of humour and we are getting into a bit of a "debate" about our levels of sanity and whether cycles need snow chains or not, when a guy with a camera turns up and starts filming. The debate hits celluloid as we make our relative cases to camera, and we each get interviewed for some background.

Apparently we made 3 channels of national television that night!!! Seriously, we are becomming (in)famous.

We lose the debate and the pass remains stubbornly closed; we have time to kill so we spend it profitably.


Soaking up some warm rays....

The sun drops and it gets seriously cold, but the rumour amongst the ever growing line of stranded truckers is that tomorrow... we ride. We retreat to the restaurant again for warmth food and sunsets.

The reastaurant owners kindly allow us to camp under their car port.


Anonymous said...

Martin.. we think you need to improve your tobogganing skills ;)

Did you really discuss putting snow chains on bicycles on national television? Sorry to have missed that!

Em n' Em


Anonymous said...

Hey Sween!
I actually expected another, more romantic message for your "poor" girl-friend at home, getting prepared for the bike adventure together (good that she missed out on that one)!!!!!!!
I tell you, be nice to her! I know what I´m speaking about...
Jose´s lazy Ulli...

Bráulio Bhava said...

just one thing to say: great photos and snow (till it freezed in the next day)!