Thursday, March 12, 2009

To San Diego

December 11th and 12th

Leaving Mickey behind in Anaheim, we cycle beautiful Palm tree lined boulevards to rejoin the Ocean at Newport Beach. Exclusive homes cling to the cliff side, sun light gleaming on their walls of glass.

Golden sunsets and a moon rise....

At San Onofre State Beach we discover the camp site has closed down. Of course we only discover this after the tent is pitched the stove is on and we are relaxing with a coffee. A passing ranger is adamant we need to move and we are forced to make an 8 mile nighttime retreat to San Clemente adding a tough 16 miles to the day. I hate retracing my steps especially past smoking nuclear reactors. We pass by 3 times....

At San Onofre the cycle route departs from the main highway and crosses Pendleton Marine Base. Dire warnings threaten arrest should you stray from the designated route and armed marines at check points demanding ID does little to increase the welcome....

Cycle path and emergency runway share a strip of tarmac - uncomfortable riding looking over your shoulder for incoming ordnance....

Big boys toys...

Foolishly I allow Sue to navigate and within minutes we are lost. I guess the idea of spending a night locked in a building with muscle bound, uniformed marines is less threat and more invitation to this girl.

Fearing the worst we are forced to stop and admit we are lost, whereuopon a big marine whips out a phone and calls for help....
Directions rather than backup! Sue is disappointed not to be arrested on the spot.
He then drives the route to make sure he is sending us the right way. Meanwhile a medic arrives and checks we have enough water for the trip and these guys just couldn't be more helpful.

We finally find our way off the base and it's just a few miles into San Diego. Passing Mission Beach as the sky turns to fire....


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