Saturday, March 21, 2009

Santa, Why hast thou forsaken me

December 25th

Flap, flap, flap....



What the &%$$^ is that??

It's pitch black - middle of the night.
And that is the sound of rain - and the tent destroying itself. It's blowing a gale and the tent wants to take to the skies and be free....

Apparently I have to stop it.... Sue says so.... These things don't make too much sense at 3am when you are rudely awoken.

I open the zip, and a weird thing happens. Like flicking a switch, I am transformed.

One second I am warm, cosy and dry.
Half a micro-second later, I am freezing, soaking, and very, very unhappy. It really is slightly inclement out there as I grope about and try and rescue tent pegs. Then I stand bare footed on a thorn and my mood reaches the high gears of vexation. Stupid desert....

Rocks are piled on top of canvas and I just hope it all goes away.

Back to bed.... and sleep... slightly moist now.

Morning; and a bad thing has happened.
Santa has not been.
No pressies. None! Sleigh must have been grounded in the night.

And that's the story of Christmas 2008. No photos. The rain pounds the entire day.

I am the deranged insides of the canvas drum!

Sue wants her own tent. She thinks I am not good company and accuses me of lacking festive cheer. I just want to kill her.... Not just her - Santa too.
And everyone else!

It's not all bad though. The entire town turns out for Christmas dinner and both of them bring us Tamales....

Happy Xmas 2008....

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