Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Thursday 17th to Monday 21st

Sucre is a beautiful city and at 2750m it enjoys a warm temperate climate. After Potosi, it has an elegant calm and the wide central plaza exudes an aura of class.

Originally named "La Plata" (The Silver or The Money) in the 16th century it held dominion over a huge area covering modern day Pataguay as well as parts of Chile, Argentina and Peru. Today there are several museums which deal with it´s history and mourn the loss of vast tracts of territory. Tensions with Chile are still high, as Bolivia is now land locked due to losing it´s coast line to them in the 1880´s "War of the Pacific". The modern navy is now comically confined to Lake Titicaca.

No great stories to tell here really so just stories in pictures....

As I while away a couple of days in the vast expanses of the market...

And in the museums Casa de Moneda (House of Money) cronicalling the history of money and coin minting and Casa de Libertad celebrating the 1809 - 1825 battle for independance...

Climbing to the mirador at Recoleta plaza there are stunning views over the city...

Enjoyed from the colonnade by a local gaucho...

A picture of heaven and hell as a down and out contemplates life in the shadow of the monastry...

While a local indian lady anticipates a call...

I take a day to relax with a BBQ in a hotel outside of town close to local attraction "The 7 waterfalls" with friends Bernadette, Pete, Juhi, and Tom. The hammocks are too comfortable and we never make the hike to the cascades...


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