Friday, August 8, 2008

La Paz

Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th July

I sat down with a map to work out routes and timings and it suddenly dawned on me that I don´t have nearly enough time left. Got a flight out of Buenos Aires on August 17th. Not quite sure how I can get down to the jungle, back up to circumnavigate Lake Titicaca, then off to Machu Picchu for some Inca trail hiking in time. So I got depressed and decided to just stay in La Paz for a while instead.

Not a bad decision really - it`s just a great place. The centre is a total mish-mash of people, vendors and traffic all vying for the same square inch of space.

Protests are a daily occurance bringing the city to a standstill. Roads often close as peaceful sit-ins are surrounded by massively over-armed masked riot police. Note tear gas grenades, mask and shotguns. This guy was not amused when I took this photo so I melted away into a crowd....

At night the road runs a river of red tail lights. Horns blare ineffectively. It`s a cacophony of noise - a sound and light show against the backdrop of streetlights climbing surrounding mountains....

Taking time out of the city I hire a dirt bike and take to the trails of two nearby valleys - The Moon and The Sun.

Health and safety is absent as we roar off in to the dirt. They have my money - what do they care whether I`ve rìdden a bike before. The trails are a blast even if they are a little damp in places....

But the views are stunning....


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