Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sunday 10th August

An historic election!!!

No not that one.... I realise I am soooo out of date on this blog now and as I write this, another historic election has just taken place in America.... But back to Bolivia.

Evo Marales made democratic history by choosing to return to the electorate for re-election only half way through his 5 year term.... unprecedented in a country where elected leaders often retain power using tanks and guns rather than ballot boxes.

A local couple ponder on the eve of history on a deserted Saturday night on The Prado...

While campaign vehicles gather in La Paz city centre...

Rowdy, partisan Plaza Murillo awaits the peoples verdict....

At around 9pm Evo secures over 63% of the vote and makes his victory speech to jubilant supporters. Flanked by his cabinet his words promise progress and change in a country fiercely divided over oil and gas revenues....

As a salvo of pyrotechnics is launched....

And within minutes, the news is beamed around the world by CNN...

It's a privilege to witness this historic event and be amongst a nation celebrating real hope and faith in their democratic system. Real challenges lie ahead in averting serious splits as a divided country decides how to redistribute wealth generated by a few low lying regions rich in oil. It would be fascinating to spend more time here.... but tomorrow - a 50 coach ride back to Buenos Aires to catch a flight back home...


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