Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chapter Two - Mexico

Monday 22nd September to Wednesday 1st October

Decision made - we're gonna tour Mexico!

So we get a flight to Vancouver....

Geographers might quibble that Vancouver is no where near Mexico - but they don't know about the great deal we got with Air Canada. Does leave us the slight problem of the whole of America being in the way..... true but Vancouver is a beautiful city and well worth the odd 1500 mile detour.... We explore Chinatown, and Stanley Park - North America's largest urban park.

And I've got a new rookie to break in - me bird Sue...

For some training we flex our legs on the near vertical, lung busting 1200m climb "The Grouse Grind" in pouring rain. Normally this affords incredible bird's eye views over the city and environs - unfortunately not today.

The weather is against us - we need to go South.

So we leave Vancouver heading North. Planning is not our strong point, but too many people talk about the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver to ignore. They are right...

The land is fragmented by inlets and undulating day rides are punctuated by flatter rides on British Columbia's excellent (and cheap) ferry system. The largest in the world apparently! Ferries tend to be at the bottom of big hills.... Strange!

The ocean scenery is breathtaking in improving weather as we drift lazily past densely wooded islands....


Sunset at camp. Powell River...

His'n'hers bicis at Ruby Lake....

We cross to Vancouver Island at Courtenay and finally begin heading South towards Mexico. This despite local persuasion to again head northwards on the Island for Canada's answer to the Galapagos Islands - a bold claim and one we reluctantly resist. I'll never know whether it was just idle boasting.

Vancouver Island is hugely mountainous in the centre so we stick to coast where the terrain flattens and the rookie and I make good speed. Another ferry at Mill Bay takes us towards Sidney where we can take the international boat to Anacortes, USA. It's a shame to miss Victoria, but we have a deadline in Seattle to meet my brother. We meet Linda in the queue for the ferry and are offered a large slice of Canadian good nature as she directs us to her house. Our last night in Canada is spent in good company with a warm bed after delicious pizza; secure that our freshly laundered clothing will smell better for the damp ferry crossing tomorrow. Should help with immigration...


Anonymous said...

Hi u 2!!!
Looks like u r defo avin fun. Not jealous at all!
Keep safe.
Jenny x

Anonymous said...

yeah it's a blast, send me your e-mail address as the two I had for you don't work!

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