Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting to Know Buenos Aires

Friday (21st) was recovery day, with sleep, an hour by the pool at Mick´s (very nice) and another, less eventful trip by return taxi to the airport to finally pick up my gear. My brother Matt kindly posted some more gear (tent, sleeping bag, knife and stove) from America to Mick´s address for me too and this had turned up after going missing for a few days. Equipment is less than half price in the states and getting it shipped avoids the hassle at airports.... provided it gets delivered. Met up with a few of Mick´s friends for an after work drink (well after work for them). Cheers James, Johno, Simon, Keith and Jackie, it was great to meet you all.

Saturday did some sight-seeing just walking round Buenos Aires. It´s a really accessible place as the street system is in a grid, so you never really get lost and if you do, taxis are everywhere and cheap. Most of the avenues are broad and tree lined so it feels cooler and better shaded than some cities, plus there are parks and Plaza all over to cool off with an helado (ice cream).

Starting to get a feel for Argentinian timings for night life as well. We (Mick´s friends and I) had arranged to meet in Belgrano (just outside BA centre) at 10pm for a drink before going on to a birthday party. Had a really cool night with some really nice people before we left early at 4:30am to get a train home.

And the bike´s arrived. Just as we were leaving to go out a delivery van turned up and made me a happy man. The trip is back on!

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