Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Northern California 2

November 9th to 14th

After Eureka, we head off on "The Avenue Of the Giants", another Redwood forest in Humboldt Redwood State Park...

Before Garberville our luck runs out and one of Sue's tyres explodes with a resounding rifle shot crack! A one inch rent in the rubber. I use the old dollar bill inside the tyre trick to block the hole and we limp slowly into town.Of course it's a Sunday and we lose another day waiting for shops to re-open.

Local knowledge holds that the rain stops at Leggett - a small town where Highway 101 splits and Highway 1 reappears on the map. It's a climb to 2000 feet followed by one of the best downhill sprints on twisty, sticky black stuff. Narrow roads and traffic only add to the adrenaline rush...

Stopping for resupplies at Fort Bragg, we must have a bedraggled look as a supermarket manager donates free pizza and wishes us good luck. Readers please note - all free food is MUCH appreciated....

At Jug Handle State Park we hike into 1000 year old pigmy forests where fully grown trees are even smaller than fully grown Welsh women!

Then the coast gets pretty in a mean, moody, broody kind of grey way near Elk....

And we climb back inland....

To Manchester!
Now I come from Manchester back in England.
Anything English being bigger than it's American counterpart is to be celebrated - it doesn´t happen every day!
And Manchester England is bigger than Manchester California (population 462!) - by about, ooooh 3 million people.
And that's a lot.
So I celebrate....
And this is my "smug" photo....

But it's always good to visit a Manchester, and not surprisingly - this is the place the sun finally comes out. Now we have a sunset....

And to be fair, California has a San Francisco, and that's probably as good as Manchester.... and that's where we're heading next.....


Anonymous said...

You can tell you're in Manchester, California and not Manchester, England by the phrase "the sun finally comes out".

Keep them posts coming!


Anonymous said...

fantastic photos just caught up with your journey, gutted it's taken this long.keep them coming.
that little welsh girl sure got some guts!!!!!

Sween in SAmerica said...

Yeah the girl´s doing real good! Finally promoted to ciclista cadet ranking!! We´re both very proud...

Hilts good to hear from you mate. How´s fatherhood treating you? Speaking of Manchester, seen the premiership table lately - normal service has been resumed!!!

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